Peter N. Strong nps!peter at
Sat Feb 6 12:34:07 EST 1993

 | I am intending purchasing a SPARCstation Classic with Solaris 2.1 as the
 | operating system.  Will Grass4.0 or 4.1 be able to run on this system.

This seems to be the question on many people's minds.  For some reason
surprisingly few people have answers.  The best I have been able to come
up with is the following:

No one that I know of has been successful getting Grass to run under 
Solaris 2.0.  Reports indicate that Solaris 2.0 is not an inherently
stable operating system.  The SPARCstation LX (& CLASSIC) require
Solaris 2.1, but there are no reports about the reliability of that
operating system yet.
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	National Park Service
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