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Chris Skelly chris at
Thu Feb 11 07:26:48 EST 1993

Hi Folks,

The new and improved, semistable version of is now available
on our ftp site:
  login as "ftp"
  passwd is username
  cd pub

Unfortunately, I don't have time at the moment to detail the algorithm or
contact those people who specifically asked for this update as I am in
the process of moving to James Cook University.  My accounts here at
Macquarie will however remain for a few months so I am contactable here in

Things to note:  Please, please, please read the Numerical Recipes copywrite
                 notice!  I have permission to distribute my code with their
                 routines in it, BUT only on the understanding that you not
                 remove these routines for use elsewhere unless YOU have a
                 numerical recipes licence.  Permission was granted to use
                 and distribute 2 nr routines in code designed specifically
                 for researchers.  Please read the notice in "main.c".


p.s. please feel free to modify my program in any way that suits you, I
     don't have any problems with that.  If however you use my code to
     build a different program you must remove the nr routines. sorry.

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