Darrell McCauley mccauley at ecn.purdue.edu
Wed Feb 10 17:11:37 EST 1993

Chris Skelly (chris at mqmet.cic.mq.edu.au) writes on 11 Feb 93:
>Things to note:  Please, please, please read the Numerical Recipes copywrite
>                 notice!  I have permission to distribute my code with their
>                 routines in it, BUT only on the understanding that you not
>                 remove these routines for use elsewhere unless YOU have a
>                 numerical recipes licence.  Permission was granted to use
>                 and distribute 2 nr routines in code designed specifically
>                 for researchers.  Please read the notice in "main.c".

I intended to fix the NR problem personally, but since this spring's
schedule is shaping up to be a real bear, I'll let others know what I
had in mind.

A while back I started trying to compile a replacement for NR.  For
each chapter in the book, I started hunting equivalent routines (that
indexed from zero!!!!!!!!!!) that were freely distributable.

Before I spent too much time on it, I ran across two people at UCLA
that had the same general idea a long time before me. The principle
party is Ajay Shah, who deserves a lot of credit.  The package, "AnS
C," (Ajay -n- Somebody else whose name escapes me.. maybe Sharon) will
be freely available once it is finished (if that hasn't happened
already). I had an early copy, and was quite impressed. Excellent
document.  I don't recall exactly which matrix manipulation routines
it had, but this is a possible source for replacement routines.

If some programmer is seriously interested in this, get in touch with
me and I'll try to track down the source. 

>p.s. please feel free to modify my program in any way that suits you, I
>     don't have any problems with that.  If however you use my code to
>     build a different program you must remove the nr routines. sorry.


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