Usenet subject problems

Peter N. Strong nps!peter at
Fri Jan 1 15:09:19 EST 1993

Now that some people are submitting articles to grassp (and grassu) from 
Usenet, I am experiencing problems with the subject header.  I prefer to scan
the subject headers looking for interesting articles, rather than slog through
everything, as I'm sure most of you do.  The problem is that the subject
header (as displayed from the h command within Mail) doesn't show up on some
or all submissions from Usenet.  I am using the Mail program in SunOS 4.1.1.
My hunch is that the "Newsgroups" header is sometimes preceded by a blank
line, causing all subsequent header lines to be considered text rather than
header lines.  The "Subject" header is thus ignored.

I suppose I could write a simple script to filter out the offending blank
lines, but that seems inelegant.  Does anyone have a better solution?

	Peter Strong
	National Park Service
	peter%nps at

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