Kenneth R. Brownfield brownfld at
Thu Jan 7 15:49:10 EST 1993

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|subscribe dave at


You recently sent a subscribe command to the grassu-list.  This did not
result in a subscription since all mail sent to the address

     grassu-list at

is distributed to the many subscribers of the list.

All commands (like SUBscribe, UNSunscribe, GET, PINg, etc.) should be
sent to

     grassu-request at
Note the "request" part -- this is the address of the list server software
that will respond to your commands.  So, to subscribe, you'll need to send a
message to that address with

     Subscribe John Doe            (replace "John Doe" with _your_ full name)

in the subject or body of the letter.

Remember:   grassu-list at  <= for text messages for everyone
         grassu-request at  <= for commands to the list.

Feel free to write to me at grass-lists-owner at if you have
any further problems.

Ken Brownfield [grass-lists-owner at]
Kenneth R. Brownfield [brownfld at]
Office of Grass Integration, Construction Engineering Research Labs,
US Army Corps of Engineers (USA-CERL)

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