file formats

Darrell McCauley mccauley at
Thu Jan 21 11:03:40 EST 1993

In the programmers' manual, I find:

> The dig_plus file contains information that accelerates vector queries.
> It is created by the program build.vect (which is run by v.digit when
> a vector file is created or modified, and by at user request)
> from the data in the dig and dig_att files.
> For this reason, and since the internal structure of the dig_plus file
> is complex, the format of this file will not be described.

Are there any plans to more explicitly document file formats? Perhaps man
pages such as:
	dig.5 dig_ascii.5 dig_att.5 dig_cats.5 dig_plus.5 cell.5 cats.5

(I suppose the question is: Does anybody want to take on the task?)
I know that information exists in scattered places for most things,
but it can sometimes be frustrating to try to find it.


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