USACERL GRASS 4.1 compilation survey

Steve March march at
Thu Jul 1 12:14:05 EDT 1993

USACERL is collecting information on which platforms GRASS has been
compiled.  If you would like to participate please answer the
following few questions and mail the result to 

	march at

Thank you.


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USACERL GRASS 4.1 compilation survey (1 Jul 1993)

1) Which platform or platforms have you compiled GRASS 4.1 on (e.g.,
Sun, Intergraph, SGI, HP, etc)?  If you have compiled GRASS 4.1 on
more than on platform, please answer the questions below for once each

2) Which operating system does your platform use and what revision
(e.g., SunOS 4.1.3, Solaris 2.2, IRIX Release 4.0.1, etc)?

3) Which C compiler did you use and what revision?  Often the revision
of the compiler will be printed with the verbose command line option,
usually '-v' or '-V'.  If you used the stock C compiler for your
system, please indicate so (e.g., gcc 2.4.2, SUN stock cc, etc).

4) What release of X windows is running on your system, R4 or R5?

5) What release of Motif is running on your system?

6) Did you compile Xgrass?

7) Did you experience any compilation difficulties with GRASS 4.1 or
Xgrass?  If so, please give a (brief) description.

8) Do you use GRASS frequently, now and again or infrequently?  The
purpose of this question is to gauge of how well tested your
installation is.

9) Do you have any further compilation or installation comments?  If
so, please include them here.

Thank you for completing this survey.  The information you have
provided will be used by USACERL to provided assistance to those
trying to compile GRASS 4.1 (particularly on platforms we do not have

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