EPS files from ps.map

Randolph Gladish randy at topaz.bds.com
Thu Jul 1 17:28:26 EDT 1993

In article <199307011733.AA10597 at fmi.fmi.kth.se>, you write:
|> Today I tried to import the eps files that ps.map creates into a a
|> Word document on my Mac as an image.  I am using Word 5.1a on the Mac.
|> However it said that the eps file was corrupt.  I tried the same to
|> import the eps file into Freehand on the Mac, but I recieved a similar
|> error message there.  The file print ok on both our ps-printers when I
|> send it direcly.
|> Have anyone tried this before?  
|> What is wrong with the files from ps.map? 
|> Is it something with the showpage command that is in the end of the
|> ps-file maybe?
|> It was quite some time since had to deal with with the inside of
|> ps-files, so I would be glad for some expert advice.
|> Lars
|> Lars Schylberg                          Email: larss at fmi.kth.se  
|> Dept. of Geodesy and Photogrammetry 
|> Royal Institute of Technology (KTH)     Tel.   +46 8 790 86 33   
|> S-100 44  STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN             Fax.   +46 8 790 66 10

I am not familar with ps.map or Word on the mac. But I can tell
you this.

If ps.map writes out files intended for a PostScript printer, they
are NOT EPS files. EPS files
1.	should not contain the "showpage" command. This tells the
	printer to print whatever is in the "image buffer". It then
	does and erasepage and an eject page. This makes it incompatible
	with being an EPS file. You can manually remove this showpage and
	add the Bounding Box comment below.
2.	have a special comment which programs that import the file
	read. This is the bounding box of the EPS object described in
	the EPS file.


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