EPS files from ps.map

Lars Schylberg larss at fmi.kth.se
Fri Jul 2 02:46:57 EDT 1993

Chris W Skelly writes:
> Lars and anybody else having problems importing Postscript
> into documents.
> ps.map is _NOT_ the only program generating postscript that is
> not an eps file, although most pc based software, grapher,
> surfer, lotus, etc now generate eps files

Well thanks for all respons on this issue that I started yesterday.
However I am not giving up yet. The reason I though it was an eps file
is that it says so in the beginning of the file:

%!PS-Adobe-3.0 EPSF-3.0
%%BoundingBox: 18 511 594 756                                                 
%%Title: Map layer = fin.5c  Mapset = copy
/level 2 def
a couple of hundred of rows cut out.
(Helvetica-Bold) FN 10.0 SF
(Map: fin.5c  Scale: 1:25000)
72.0 792.0 MS

This an example of a file that is generated with ps.map on a
workstation.  I have no access to MacX so that is no solution for me.
After I wrote the yesterdays message I have also tried to remove the
showpage command.  Nothing more happened, both the Word and Freehand
programs on the Mac said that the eps format is incorrect.  Well it
actually starts converting the files, because it recognizes that it is
an eps file but after a short while something goes wrong and it says
that the format is incorrect.

I did some ps-programming myself a couple of years ago, but it seems like 
I have forgotten all the secret trix.

Well I hope there are more people that have ideas concerning this.


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