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Subject: Re: freeing dynamic memory in the r.le programs
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In <5238311518071993_A00879_POSSE_117793CF1300*> BAKERWL at (BAKERWL) writes:

>I have used the following code to allocate and free memory in one of the
>r.le programs:

>	pt = (int *)G_calloc(100, sizeof(int));

>        ...

>	for (i=0; i<100; i++)
>	   free(pt[i]);
>	free(pt);

>This works fine on Sun systems with a version of Unix System V, but
>produces the compiler message "incompatible integer/pointer combination"
>on Apollo machines with bsd4.3.  I forgot to mention that the declaration
>is "int   *pt;" before the above code.  This problem was found by Lars

    Based on the code segment, the for loop is the incorrect thing to do. You
    only allocated memory for pt, not pt[0] - pt[100] so you should only do

    Your compiler is telling you something here. free(pt[i]) is calling
    free() with an int, not a pointer.

>Lars was able to fix the problem on the Apollo by replacing free(pt[i])
>with free(&pt[i]).  However, when I do this on my Sun I quickly run out
>of memory, indicating that the memory is not being freed correctly.

	This is definitely NOT the right thing to do.

>C books about this.  Anyone know a universal method for freeing memory
>that will work with System V and bsd?

	You are doing (almost) the right things here. SYSV and BSD
	use the same free() and malloc() interface.
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