non-standard include file problem

Darrell McCauley mccauley at
Tue Jul 20 17:36:51 EDT 1993

BAKERWL (BAKERWL at writes on 20 Jul 93:
>We have used the Sun SYS5 include file "dirent.h" which defines an

>directory stream in the r.le programs.  This include file is not found
>in BSD, so we are looking for a more universal approach, short of making
>use an if statement to check for BSD or SYS5 and thus include the correct
I have looked for something like this but have never found anything. 
In all honesty, I've always found ways to get around using it in
GRASS code.

What Berkeley system are you specifically referring to? I have found dirent.h
on both SunOS 4.1.* (BSD-ish) and SunOS 5.1 (SVR4).


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