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Salvatore Pulvirenti pulvi at
Thu Jul 22 13:41:31 EDT 1993

Hi GRASS Information Center,

I'm from CRS4 (Centre for Advanced Studies, Research, and Development in Sardinia) in Italy. CRS4 it is a research centre financed by local government and it has its headquarters in Cagliari. At the moment I'm collaborating with the local University in a joined project involving the Mining engineering department. 
In this project we would make use of GRASS 4.0.
We have installed GRASS on a PC running SCOUNIX 486. We had some problems, but
now grass it is working quite well.
However, we have a couple of questions to ask you both about some GRASS bugs
not yet solved by us, and about GRASS functionalities.


1) Running d.rast the X11 call fails while using XPutImage(), claming a parameter error. The X11 connection fails and the x0 graphic display is killed.

2) Running d.vect, almost all the data file are not displayable because running that command we get an Out of Memory error.

3) We are not able to run d.display due to undefined colors.


1) We have to deal with digitized maps and we want to know if we can, using GRASS, store multiple attributes to any object on the map and eventually retrieve the information. Is the labelling and the multi-layer description of a map the only way to solve this problem?
In other words we would like to define for examples all the roads on a map according to one of their attributes (for examples the width) and after to attach to each road other information like the name of the road, the number, the length and so on.  

2) Where can we get XGRASS and the information to install it?

I don't know if it is the right address to which to send this mail. In case of
fault, could you forward it to the right recipient or could you send to me the right address? 

I hope all the problems and bugs are known to you. In the same time if you want a report of my installation I can send it to you.

Thanks in advance to spend your time.

Best regards, 

                Salvatore Pulvirenti.

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