GRASS 4.1 Update Package 1 is now available

Steve March march at
Fri Jul 23 12:00:03 EDT 1993

>>> On 22 Jul 1993 19:37:04 -0500, lobo at Jasper.Stanford.EDU (Agustin Lobo) said:
In article <9307230035.AA15211 at Jasper.Stanford.EDU> lobo at Jasper.Stanford.EDU (Agustin Lobo) writes:

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>> I have to install grass4.1 in another machine. Does the version on moon
>> include the updates or do I have to intall and then update?

Currently, you must install the 4.1 released source code and then
install the update.  However, an updated version of the source code
will probably become available shortly.  I will make an announcement
here when it is on the ftp site.


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