Donna Okazaki donna at uhunix.uhcc.Hawaii.Edu
Tue Jun 1 23:28:34 EDT 1993

larss at fmi.kth.se writes:
 >> debugging, it mostly works, but the initial menu is screwed up and doesn't
 >> allow input of text in the text widgets.
 >You have to run "xgdatabases" before you can input text in the starting
I guess I haven't stated my problem clearly.  The "Startup Dialog" box
works fine, but when I invoke the "Add Items" box, its text widgets
do not accept input from the keyboard unless the middle mouse
button is depressed while typing.  i.e., clicking in the any of the 4 text
areas highlights the I-beam cursor, but keyboard entry results in nothing
happening.  I can use the cut and paste buffer (left button to cut,
middle button to paste) to transfer text into the widgets or I can
click in one, hold down the middle button and type, which results
in text appearing in the box, but this is awful awkward.

I am recompiling xgrass yet another time from the original source and
keeping track of the fixes I need to make along the way, but if someone
else has done this before (under Motif 1.2/X11R5) I'd appreciate
some pointers.

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