Xgrass menu colors

David M Johnson -- DMJ Consulting djohnson at rock.concert.net
Mon Jun 21 07:37:21 EDT 1993

To modify the XGRASS text colors, fonts, etc. you need to 
edit the XGrass resources file.  It is located in 
$(GISBASE)/etc/app-defaults.  For example, if you
want to change the background color to dark blue and
the foreground (text) color to white you would change:

XGrass*foreground: yellow
XGrass*background: grey

to the following:

XGrass*foreground: white
XGrass*background: SlateBlue

I don't think that you can change the position of the pop-up
windows by editing the resource file, however.  There may be
a way.  I'll investigate.


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