xgrass problems

John F. Stamm jstamm at earth.Princeton.EDU
Fri Jun 25 16:13:53 EDT 1993

I am running xgrass, and would like to be able to change the
default database and location.  I have tried using:

   xgrass4.1 -dbase /usr/local/apps/grass/spearfish -location PERMANENT

where my database and associated location are as shown above (note that
this is the location for previous default directories).  Also, when I
run xgrass and use the "Add Items ..." utility, I get a message stating:
"That database exists, but is not in the database list. Unfortunately, the
database list is not writable"

Finally, do I have to recompile grass to reassign the DEFAULT_DATABASE and
DEFAULT_LOCATION settings?  Thanks for any help.

John Stamm
Interactive Computer Graphics Lab
Princeton NJ 08544
jstamm at phoenix.princeton.edu

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