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The library determination stuff in the setup script may well need a bit of
work ... I'll pass the bug along and take a look myself.  On what platforms
were these bugs occurring?

mccauley at (Darrell McCauley) writes:
>I knew that there was something screwy about this... but I
>just got through it by brute force.  I wanted to mention
>that this shell script was not executible, at least in
>the copy of 4.1 that I picked up. No big deal but it could
>really throw a unix novice.

None of the scripts or files within the GRASS distribution have their
execute permission bits set.  This is a known, if less than intentional,
fact that arises out of the way our code management system works.  It's a
bit irritating at times, but we've worked around it -- the directions in
the installation guide very clearly ask the user to use the command:
	sh utils/setup
to run the setup script (see page ten).  If these directions could be made
any clearer, I'd be glad to know how.  (What?  You say you weren't reading
along in the installation guide at every step?  I'm shocked!)

greg at (Greg Koerper) writes:
>One more comment on the utils/setup routine.  It seemed to be failing the
>access test when the file searched for is a soft link across NFS.  I've had
>to give direct pathnames on two occasions now, and I'm anticipating more,
>given that our appplications server's disks are crammed.

Could you be a little more specific about how this is happening and the
perms on the file in question (as well as the link)?  The program that's
used, access.c, simply calls the system routine access(2), which ought to
be reliable.  (Get in touch with me via direct e-mail; we don't need to
bother the rest of the list about this.)


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