4.1 linking failure in xgrass/libes/Xgi/Help.c and menu

Conn Copas C.V.Copas at lut.ac.uk
Mon May 17 11:59:29 EDT 1993

I haven't attempted to install 4.1 yet, but here is something our sys admin
had to say about Xgrass (no disrespect intended to the developers):

"Hmm. Looking at the code there, this X driver looks dodgy - it is using a
number of undefined functions, presumably to do some dirty tricks. You often
find that to the outside world a function is known by a name (ie
"XtCallbackList" but internal functions, etc are often preceeded by an
underscore character "_" to minimise the chances of clashing with a user
defined variable.

Line 1033 defines the type XtCallbackList, but this is a known type within the
Xt library, and so doesn't need defining. I guess that this line is redundant.
The problem comes from the procedure "FetchXtCallbackList" on 1034 which calls
the routine "_XtGetCallbackList" on line 1041. I can find nowhere that
actually uses the routine "FetchXtCallbackList". Have a look through yourself.
I suggest you comment out this routine, plus the line 1033, and re-compile."

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