xgrass complilation

Bill Dailey 490-8324 (303) dailey at gpsrv1.gpsr.colostate.edu
Tue May 25 17:41:46 EDT 1993

->Well today I made progress and I am slowly beginning to see the
->end of compilation.  But under  src/xgrass/pixmap I get an error about
->Pixmap.h: 69: Unable to find include file 'X11/Xmu/Converters.h'
->This is included in a couple of other files as well in this directory.
->I have looked through most of my file system without finding any clues to this
->file.  I tried to remove the line but some declaration are used from this
->file.  Do anyone have an idea how to get around this?



   Did you ever find a fix for the  X11/Xmu/Converters.h problem

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