(R Jesse Chaney) jesse at terra.cor2.epa.gov
Fri May 28 14:58:55 EDT 1993

	d.3d, though faster, is now brain dead.

1) The format of 3dview files is different.  It no longer retains information
about erase colour, line colour, or average elevations.  This must be
changed EACH time a 3dview file is used.

2) It will over-write an existing 3dview file when it uses an old one.

3) It (still) will not allow me to over-write an existing 3dview file when
I exit d.3d.  So it can do what it will not allow me to do.

4) It will draw into the full screen frame, even it a sub frame is active.

5) It will do item 4 only AFTER the first time an old 3dview file is used. 
Then there is different behaviour between the first use of a 3dview file
from all following uses.  This is difficult to reproduce.

	I have not tried it on an lat/long projections yet, so I do not know
if it is still broken in that way.

	Speed is not everything.

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