REPOST: NWS needs 2 GIS programmers

Tim Szeliga - NWS szeliga at
Tue Nov 9 08:43:15 EST 1993

Open Now until Dec. 15


Office of Hydrology
National Weather Service
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
U.S. Department of Commerce
Minneapolis, Minnesota

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The National Operational Hydrologic Remote Sensing Center (NOHRSC) is seeking
two Physical Scientists (GS-1301) to fill vacancies at both the senior level
(GS-13/14, $47,920-$73,619) and at the junior level (GS-7/9/11, $22,717-$43,712)
The incumbents will be trained and experienced in Geographic Information Systems
(GIS) and the application of GIS to remote sensing data sets.  The NOHRSC is
responsible for: (1) distributing airborne gamma radiation snow water equivalent
data, (2) using AVHRR, GOES, and SSM/I satellite data for real-time, operational
snow cover mapping for the U.S. and Canada, and (3) implementing GIS
methodologies to incorporate ground-based, radar, airborne, and satellite data 
sets into the hydrologic forecasting procedures used by the National Weather 
Service field offices.  GIS procedures have been developed at the NOHRSC using 
GRASS, SPANS, MIPS, and other applications.

The incumbents will: (1) provide the key leadership and systems management 
required to develop, modify, test, document, implement, and maintain GIS 
procedures to process remotely sensed snow data, (2) provide expertise on GIS 
data exchange, conversion, and resampling methodologies required to support 
raster and vector data exchange between different GISs and different applic-
ations, (3) produce GIS applications code to support the NOHRSC, (4) provide 
expert support on technical issues associated with GIS database resolution, 
data resampling algorithms, and data degradation schemes for multiple GIS and 
digital image processing projects, and (5) support GIS applications used with 
satellite image data sets.

The senior incumbent will have: (1) expert knowledge, training, and experience 
in using multiple GIS packages, (2) a broad background in GIS applications to
satellite image data sets including AVHRR, GOES, SSM/I, and SAR, and (3)
advanced knowledge, skills, and abilities in computer programming in FORTRAN
and C on UNIX-based workstations and MS-DOS PCs.  The junior incumbent will
have similar, but less advanced, skills with tremendous potential for advance-
ment. Interested applicants should immediately send a letter of introduction 
and resume to:  Dr. Thomas R. Carroll, National Operational Hydrologic Remote 
Sensing Center, National Weather Service, 6301-34th Avenue South, Minneapolis,
Minnesota  55450 (e-mail: tcarroll at; telephone:  612/725-
3039; facsimile:  612/725-3338).  Information and instructions on the Office of
Personnel Management application process will be sent to all interested candi-
dates as soon as they are available.  Each vacancy will not be open long and 
will be filled as soon as possible.  U.S. citizenship required.

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