xgdisplay refreshing

Doug Dotson dotson at tate.com
Wed Nov 10 13:03:43 EST 1993

I am developing an application which updates a cell map in real-time.
If a cell file is currently being displayed in xgdisplay, is there a
method of stimulating xgdisplay to reread and display the updated cell
file?  The real-time application knows when the file has been changed and
can sent a message to xgdisplay if a mechanism is already in place.
Otherwise I will have to modify xgdisplay to open a socket for listening
for such a signal.  Or perhaps regular signals can be used.

Just thought I would throw this out before I start tearing into the code.
Please send any reply directly to me since I am not currently on the
grassp-list mailing list.

Thanks in advance,
Doug Dotson
Tate Integrated Systems, L.P.
dotson at tate.com

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