fatal error while compiling GRASS

Darrell McCauley mccauley at ecn.purdue.edu
Wed Nov 17 18:48:10 EST 1993

Liz Kramer (liz at sparc.ecology.uga.edu) writes on 17 Nov 93:
>From: Darrell McCauley <mccauley at ecn.purdue.edu>
>To: liz at sparc.ecology.uga.edu
>Liz Kramer (liz%beasley at sparc.ecology.uga.edu) writes on 17 Nov 93:
>>hi, I'm in the process of compiling GRASS on a sun sparc 2 running sun
>>4.1.3 I have a fatal error in the GISGEN program: make: Fatal error: Don't
>>know how to make target `OBJ/view.oOBJ/whoami.o'
>                                  ^^^ missing a space.
>>GISGEN failure at STEP: src/libes/gis

>grassp-list at moon.cecer.army.mil. Also, you might check
>src/libes/gis/Gmakefile and see if something looks unusual
>around view.o and whoami.o.
>I checked the soruce code and nothing seems strange to me.  Here is the head
>file that I am using for the compilation.

the head looks okay, but there must be something funny in
the Gmakefile (the lack of a space). 

in src/libes/gis/Gmakefile, I find:


If you change this to (completely re-typing all four lines)


I wonder if you get the error
"know how to make target `OBJ/wind_2_box.oOBJ/view.o'"
or the same as you got before. The thinking here is 
that 1) there's something funny in the Gmakefile, or
2) there may be a variable length problem with /bin/sh
or make (perhaps a kernal config thing)

Try removing OBJ/make.rules, too. Maybe NFS or something
hiccupped while this was being written.

Do anyone else have any clues?

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