Compressed images and networks

Conn Copas C.V.Copas at
Fri Oct 1 12:55:26 EDT 1993

I sent the following out to the users list by mistake, and since the response
was underwhelming, have reposted it. Apologies to anybody reading it twice.

Does anybody have any experience with sending compressed GRASS data across a
network, before decompressing and displaying at the other end? We are basically
trying to overcome the performance limitations of using Macs as X terminals.
I know, we will lose capabilities for map interaction, but we can handle that.
I presume we can easily enough subvert the 'd.rast' command so that no
decompression takes place at the client end. I am less certain about what might
be involved at the server end, eg, should we be attempting to incorporate the
GRASS decompression code into some display application, or is there a more
elegant solution already in existence?

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