masked vectors in

Susan Huse sue at
Mon Oct 4 13:21:42 EDT 1993

To all who graciously responded to my question, thanks.

Although the survey said, "do you really have a mask running?"
the real answer came from Scott Wade at CERL:  there is a bug in  You have to be PRINTING a raster file for the vector masking
to work.  In our scripts we were printing only masked vector files.  
Without a raster call in, it didn't set the needed tmp file
and bombed out.  

The "fix" is to print an all white map.  If you don't want actually 
print a raster file, then either recolor one to white, or in
set each category to white.  Then it will "invisibly print" your 
raster map underneath your vectors.

Thanks again for the responses.

-Sue Huse
UC Berkeley.

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