Wish List

Raymond Venneker venn at geo.vu.nl
Mon Oct 11 10:42:23 EDT 1993

Now that Craig Anderson's marvellous wish list initiative has resulted
in regularly posted updates, I think it's time for action. Ideally, the
items in the list should get <name at domain> label(s) attached of people
working on it. I propose Craig to do the coordination, hopefully in
collaboration with CERL/OGI etc.

This does _not_ mean that non-programmers, or people who can't afford
the (spare) time, are not allowed to submit their thoughts.


Here is another idea for the list:

    Add options to r.report that generate output for (La)TeX & troff.
    The output could then be directly read into a document without (much)
    additional editing.

If this is found useful, I volunteer to give it a try

As far as these items are concerned:
> 	g.list - provided with options to organise the mapbase (eg by
> grouping reclassifications under their `parent') and to query it (eg
> to find out what reclassifications exist of a given `parent'). This
> should preferably work through some screen layout more gentle than the
> current sea of names.

> 	g.remove/g.rename - should issue a warning before removing
> or renaming `parents' of reclassified maps.

This could be tricky, a child knows who its parent is. The parents have
no idea who their children are. Unless I'm overlooking something, this
needs modifications at the file-format/database/library level.


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