LTPlus on Linux anyone?

Mon Oct 11 13:10:44 EDT 1993

>> I'm trying to run LTPlus under Linux and I'm running into a little problem.
>> Whenever I try to create a new map it tells me that I have less than 5 meg
>> of disk space and that it cannot create it.  I actually have 47 meg of
>> diskspace (as reported by df).  Anybody knows what I'm doing wrong?  My
>> directory permissions and addresses (inf config) are ok I think.  Any help
>> would be more than appreciated.  Thanks.
>       Same here under SCO. I've had a quick look at the code and set
>       some #ifdefs so that SCO is recognized as SYSV3.2, but to no avail.
>       My version comes from the GRASS4.1 distribution.
>       Any ideas?

The problem is in the source/in/fsfree.c file.  I don't have Linux, but if
you want a work around, just set that function to return a value greater
than 5000000 and it should work.  But this is not a final fix!  Someone
should find out the correct system functions to call to perform the operations
under Linux.

This should work under SCO Unix.  I have an older version of SCO (a couple
of years old) and it works fine.  Perhaps there were some changes to the system
libraries.  Again the same TEMPORARY work around could be used.

Note that if you use the above work around, LTPlus will not be able to tell
if you are really running out of disk space!  You will have to take care of
that yourself...

David B. Satnik
CWU GIS Laboratory
satnikdb at cwu.bitnet

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