s.buffer - available on the moon

Janne Soimasuo jsoi at cs.joensuu.fi
Mon Oct 18 02:52:55 EDT 1993

I put s.buffer program available on the moon.
It's a version of s.to.vect from R.L.Glenn, USDA, Soil Conservation Service.

It generates circles around grass site-list. It differs from v.circle so
that each point could have it's own radius. 

Radius can be given as with v.circle, but also it can be read from the site list.
Then the radius can be wheather the category of the point (3rd columnn) or 
special radius value (4th column of site-list). 

Generated areas are labelled with the category.

The program is only ALPHA version, but it's available, if someone will need it.

Janne Soimasuo
Faculty of Forestry
University of Joensuu

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