Grass function declarations

Martin Ameskamp ma at
Tue Oct 26 05:36:23 EDT 1993

> Specifically, at a first glance it looks like the functions G_window_overlap
> and G_window_percentage_overlap are defined in src/libes/gis/wind_overlap.c
> but are not declared extern anywhere -- a bunch of vector routines
> that call them can't find them.  Should they be declared in gisdefs.h?
	I have extracted all the function declarations for the GIS, Raster,
	Vector and Display libraries and collected them in one file
	(most of them, anyway - might have missed one or two) because
	I'm using GRASS from C++ (gcc-2.3.3 to be exact) and C++ is even more
	strict about prototypes than gcc.

	If anyone wants them, let me know and I'll mail them (~600 lines)

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