Wish List

Raymond Venneker venn at geo.vu.nl
Thu Oct 28 11:08:13 EDT 1993

Combining these items from the current wish list:

> 	d.mon - it would be useful to be able to define a monitor window
> at the same size as hardcopy output in order to more accurately create
> maps.  It is a given that an approximate resize can be done manually but
> this is not as exact as some people desire.  ** Possible fix via shell script.
>      	Dynamic resizability of display windows; Erase and automatic
> redrawing of display windows when window size is altered by the user.

> 	XDRIVER possible rework/rewrite to increase speed of functions
> over existing/new networks.  Theoretically an X display program should make
> full use of whatever hardware is available (ie.. 8/24 bid displays). 
> Hopefully fifo's could be eliminated and communication could be similiar to
> any other X program.  (Possible problem related to Solaris 2.2, 2.3 may prove
> to run faster when installed in the near future, notes to follow as they 
> become available.

It would be nice if the xdriver window had a little mouse selectable
menu with options to set the aspect ratio of the window to the aspect
ratio of the current region, clear the window, zoom etc.


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