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Raymond Venneker venn at geo.vu.nl
Fri Oct 29 09:22:06 EDT 1993

On Thu, 28 Oct 93 lewis!brandy at cerl.cecer.army.mil (Brandy Riche) writes:

> r.reclass - a simple reminder to remember to use r.resample
>    if you want the newly-created rasterfile to be a standalone.
>    Our less-experienced users often delete the source files of
>    their reclasses without realizing they have also disabled the
>    reclassed rasterfiles.  A reminder would be helpful here, as well
>    as during the g.remove of sourcefiles.

Perhaps adding a command line flag to r.reclass to create the new map
as a reclass table or standalone. (e.g. r.reclass -t)


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