McCauley's new site format proposal

James Darrell McCauley mccauley at
Tue Apr 5 15:18:09 EDT 1994

Rod Paterson (rgp%abba at writes on 5 Apr 94:
>>	#54 "\"blue\" clay" %5.4
>>	#62 "Rosebloom silt loam, frequently flooded" %6.2

>I agree.I think it is essential that strings are able to contain
>white space.

I apologize for not making the new library routines available
sooner, but class work sometimes has to take priority :)
I am currently implementing changes to support quotes (as in
the two examples above).

The standardization efforts have focused on the data records
themselves and not the entire file. There are comment and
description records (desc|) already in the current format.

One idea under consideration is to add a format record. For the
above example,
  desc|soil type, soil pH
  1|1|#54 "\"blue\" clay" %5.4
  2|3|#62 "Rosebloom silt loam, frequently flooded" %6.2

This would make programming easier. However, my primary concern
is to support quoted strings and then hand it over to CERL.

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