Have site data need raster data (fwd)

Chris W Skelly gewcs at jcu.edu.au
Tue Apr 26 00:04:15 EDT 1994

Hi Folks,

I am puzzeling over the problem and haven't gotten anywhere this week, so 
I thought I'd throw it out to see if anyone in netland can help.

I have site data - cyclone central pressures. I would like to have a 
contiguous chain of raster cells with estimated central pressures.

The original data sites can be quite far apart so I want to interpolate 
between these points. Ideally, I would like to fit something like a 
spline to these sights as cyclone tracks are more curved than straight 
lines, but I would settle for straight lines.

At the end of the process (any process) I need this contiguous central 
pressure chain of raster cells against a null or zero background.



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