Amy Keeley UNCA Contractor akeeley at
Fri Apr 29 13:33:58 EDT 1994

	Hi. I'm attempting a data transfer from SPANS5.3 to
	GRASS4.1.  So far, I've exported a file from SPANS
	into the  ASCII DLG format.  After attempting to 
	pull this into GRASS with v.import, I get a message
	that states, "Error reading DLG header."  Can anyone
	help me?

	NOTE:  The outputs from the SPANS are actually two
	files: filename.VEH and filename.VEC.  I'm assuming
	that the .VEH file is a header file and the .VEC file
	is the vector file.  Now, how do I combine the two
	of these so that v.import can read them both??

		Thanks in advance,

		Amy Keeley  akeeley at

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