Some comments to XGRASS/XDIGIT

Andreas Holz Andreas.Holz at
Wed Aug 10 05:42:17 EDT 1994

Dear GRASS-Programmers and GRASS-Users,

	I just returned from a trip through GB and read the mails
	about GRASS/XGRASS, here some summaries:

	1) XGRASS (the menue) does not run properly on LINUX due to
	   incompatibilities of flex used by linux and the standard lex.

	2) XDIGIT (I know it from IRIS INDIGO runnig, GREAT)  does not run using
	   X11R5 and MOTIF >= 1.2 due to incompatibilities of MOTIF >= 1.2
	   and MOTIF < 1.2. The use of the backward-compatibilitie switch
	   of MOTIF does not change anything!

	   If You want to see XDIGIT running, comment out the make_colors_menu
	   call, and xdigit will start up properly, but You will have the 
	   problem with a white background, each time You redraw the graphics
	   window, and severe problems with hanging menus.

	   There had been some mail traffic regarding this problems last 
	   Year and in the beginning of 1994, but I heard of no real solution
	   untill today.

	3) Missing include files during compiling the libraries X..., 
	   look at my porting report to LINUX  wich I posted last year.

I hope posting some useful informations


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