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>Hi Folks,
>I am trying to fully integrate GRASS database support into the PCI software
>following is an example of one of these files:
>name: Albers Equal Area
>proj: aea
>ellps: aust_ntl
>a: 6378160.0000000000
>es: 0.0066945419
>lat_0: -25.0000000000
>lon_0: 135.0000000000
>lat_1: -25.0000000000

I cannot speak to the GRASS issues but must comment on the above
projection parameters.  They are INCORRECT and will give erroneous values
depending on how the default file is set.  Albers *requires* two
standard parallels: lat_1 and lat_2.  If one is missing (as above)
a value will be used from the default file (if present) or will
assume a value of 0.  I doubt that either of these conditions is what
the user wants.

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