Soil and Landuse Databases

Christopher Mierzwa mierzwa at
Fri Aug 19 02:09:28 EDT 1994

Dear Pat,

You raised the question as to where you might obtain soils and landuse 
databases for the United States. I've heard of a new company which 
specializes in databases. I know that they have STATSGO soils (1:250,000);
DEM-3 arc second (1:250,000) and land use / land cover (1:250,000) for the 
entire US. You may want to contact them and find out what else they have 
and at what price. Their address is:

NR Environmental
P.O. Box 3219
Temple, TX 76505-3219

Ph. and Fax (817) 899-1858

Hope this helps. 


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