compiling interp lib, XCOFF error

Alec sergeyva at
Tue Aug 23 15:08:42 EDT 1994


	Hi.  Some time ago I did posted a large "?" after I got the error
			message very similar to the one you provided.  I was
	C-code for a GRASS application on SGI under IRIX5.x at that time.
	The context of situation was upgrading of IRIX4.x to IRIX5.x while
	GRASS remained IRIX4.x-compiled.  So, loader ld gave an error when
	to load one of the libraries (licoornv.a).  Then recompilation of GRASS
	helped (In fact this was a suggestion I received from grassp-list
	without any particular definition of XCOFF (and COFF, and ELF)

	This is why I suggest you to check the versions, upgrades, etc. of
			operational system and GRASS and do not provide info
about XCOFF 			objects.

	Good luck,

	-Vitaly Brukhman
	 New York University

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