OGI Announcement

Russ Hougland hougland at diego.cecer.army.mil
Tue Aug 23 16:35:50 EDT 1994

  A dynamically linked binary release of GRASS 4.1 Update 3 for PC workstations
  running Solaris 2.1 is now available on moon.cecer.army.mil (
  It contains the programs from src and src.alpha only.  It also contains the
  sample database spearfish.  It does NOT contain programs from src.contrib,
  src.related, src.garden or XGRASS.

  The release may be found under /grass/grass4.1/release/binary/pc.  Please
  refer to the README file for further details.

  This release is a contribution by Jack Mozzone of the Technical Assistance
  Center, U. S. Army CERL.  He is interested in receiving comments regarding
  the release, but regrets he will have little time to devote towards its

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