read DTED data

PoKung Lin pklin at CERF.NET
Wed Aug 31 11:44:12 EDT 1994

Hi GRASSers,

	I am trying to write a simple program to read and convert
some DTED 1 degree data to GRASS cell format. There are no problems
for me to get header part information read through. However, when I
get to the stage to read the data records ( each data record starts
with Recognition Sentinel of octal number of 0252. I got this part
right), I don't know how to read and convert those Fixed Binary type
data into integers. According to the information that I have Fixed
Binary type denotes signed magnitude, right-justified binary integer.
Some of these data have 2 bytes and some of them have 3 bytes.

	Does anyone can tell me how to read them out and print them
to standard output as integer? 

	Does anyone know is there a new version of m.dted.extract
can handle the post-1987 format? 

	Thank you for any help.

	PK Lin
	Tel: (617) 942-1655
	E-mail: pklin at

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