v.digit seg faults in Linux; any fixs? -- our multi-platform experice

Howard Foster nsf at luther.ced.berkeley.edu
Fri Dec 16 15:32:53 EST 1994

Has anyone had any positive experince with v.digit in Linux
(with a digitizer)?   Our digitizer is an old Summagraphics
Microgrid II, for which we wrote a digcap file, which
works on other architectures.  But it segmentation faults
in Linux as soon as the driver requests info from the
digitizer (right after "Shall we continue?").

We've successfully used v.digit with Dec MIPS machines, Suns
and, with lots of work, we've adapted the code for the DEC
Alpha (lots of timing problems).   And now on to Linux. (We
are running out of time).

   Howard Foster (nsf at ced.berkeley.edu) Ph.D.
   candidate^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H, (got it!) Environmental 
   Planning, UC Berkeley.  Phone: 510-848-1241

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