PoKung Lin pklin at CERF.NET
Wed Feb 2 16:32:20 EST 1994

Hi there,

	I am wondering if anyone use ALTEK DIGITIZER with AC31 controller on
GRASS4.1. I got the problem to let this beast communicate well with v.digit.
Each time when I invoke v.digit, choose Altek as the digitizer, give a test
file name for digitizing, I will get the registration point entry screen with
no problem. However, after I typed in 4 points for later registration and hit
ESC key, I will get the screen of POINTS TO REGISTER, and in the lower part of
this screen I got an error message 

	"Digitizer read error. Do we continue(y,n)?"

	I checked the hardware connection and it's okay. The configuration
file under $GISBASE/etc/digitizers that I used is al30f8_16. I talked with
Altek technical support people and seems they no nothing about GRASS. All
they can tell me is that the default digitizer controller switch setting
they configued for my digitizer is used to be worked for GRASS. They even
don't know their product used to work with which version of GRASS. This
put me in a difficult possition. Does any can help?

       	Thank you in advance.

				PK Lin
				E-mail: pklin at

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