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MVL at MVL at
Fri Feb 4 10:23:36 EST 1994

Dear Grass programmers and users,

I am currently running into some nasty bugs with Grass 4.1, which we
had seen before but never investigated. Now we want to teach a Grass
beginners' workshop (starting next Monday) and would like to do some
pest control... If you know the following bugs, their cause, and some
way of correcting them, please write to me ASAP:

1)  d.histogram - an empty histogram appears, even after we run
2)  d.legend - only the first legend box appears, then the monitor
gets stuck and we have to kill and restart it. This bug also appears
when the d.display option `legend' is chosen.
3)  d.legend, option zoom - after the zoom area has been indicated
the screen is redrawn, but with the original region. Looks like some
kind of d.erase is necessary here.
4) - when `ppm' is selected to produce a ppm file, and you
want to return to `preview', Grass says no such painter exists, the
painter names that Grass offers are mutilated (pFpm, prE'viev), and
we have to change the PAINTER in the .grassrc file by hand.

If I'm informed correctly, we have Updates 1-3 installed.

Martijn van Leusen
Fac. of Environmental Sciences, U of Amsterdam
temporarily MVL at IVIP.FRW.UVA.NL

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