Bill Dailey 490-8324 (303) dailey at gpsrv1.gpsr.colostate.edu
Fri Feb 11 11:47:55 EST 1994

>I'm trying to compile the programs r.in.tiff
>and r.out.tiff under src.contrib/SCS/raster
>and I get the following error :

I had a problem with r.out.tiff also, i can't remember if it is the same 
error, but here is what I did.

in the file  "src.contrib/SCS/r.tiff/cmd/r.out.tiff.c"

| * software program in whole or part.  Users may copy, modify or
| * distribute this file at will.
| */
|#include <stdio.h>
|#include "gis.h"
|/*#include "rasterfile.h"*/   <--  this is commented out
|#include "tiffio.h"

I REMOVED THE COMMENTS AROUND  #include "rasterfile.h"

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