r.tiff - rasterfile.h

ALOBO alobo at u.ija.csic.es
Mon Feb 14 09:39:02 EST 1994

Thanks for youe help!

I removed the comments around #include "rasterfile.h" but the compiler
could not find the file

1501-106: (S) Include file rasterfile.h not found.

The file is present in /r.tiff/tools, so I heve included all the path:
"/tele/grass/src.contrib/SCS/raster/r.tiff/tools/nclude "rasterfile.h"

This is not elegant, and I still get another error:

c -s -o /jalmera/grass/RS6000/etc/bin/contrib/cmd/r.out.tiff OBJ.RS6000/r.out.tiff.o /tele/grass/src/libes/LIB.RS6000/libgis.a ../libtiff/LIB.RS6000/libtiff.a 
cc: 1501-228 input file ../libtiff/LIB.RS6000/libtiff.a not found

Using find fron $GIS I don't find any libtiff.a

find . -name libtiff.a -print

Any ideas?


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