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>I find it a bit wierd that Ghostscript, which I thought was PD, uses this 
>'Athena' widget set, which isn't PD ??
>Is there any way to get hold of a copy of the '*.h', etc. files, so I can 
>compile Ghostview ??
>Steve Culshaw
>NRA North West
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The Athena Widgets are *very* much public domain and are a part of
the basic X11 distribution.  But they tend to be poorly supported,
only designed as an example widget set and not mainstream usage.
Biggest problem, a lot of X11 installation, notably Sun, did not
include these widgets with their version of X11.

My Xzoom program, part of the MAPGEN distribution, uses them.

But they *are* public domain as much as X11.

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