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Wed Jul 13 12:19:00 EDT 1994

Sorry to keep going on about this topic, but I need help - again  8-)

I know I've asked some of these questions before, but I'm so confused. 
I've therefore tried to put together a cohesive set.

(i) I seem to be getting conflicting information concerning the ability 
of GRASS to produce A3 Postscript - can anyone confirm that they have 
produced full A3 sized maps from GRASS ?

(ii) I have finally found the switch in ghostscript which sets the size 
of paper (surprise, surprise -sPAPERSIZE=a3 !). Now when I view my test 
A3 output, the X11 image suggests that the output is sized for an A3 
piece of paper - tried an A4 output and it only filled part of the page. 
This suggests that the answer to (i) above is 'yes it can'

It would seem that the Postscript file from GRASS has the instructions 
for all the lines in, but when I try it with our HPXL300 the output is 
clipped - in the same way as printing to an A4 piece of paper

(iii) Has anyone produced A3 output from GRASS on a HPXL300 with 
Postscript option ?

(iv) Is there some way to tell the XL300 that it should be printing on a 
A3 sheet, cf. the way I can set ghostscript ?

Our XL300 only has 6Mbytes of memory, but the map is fairly simple - the 
Postscript file is only about 60Kbytes.

(v) could the memory of the XL300 not be enough ? (we have some more on 
order, but I'm impatient)

A recent message concerning 'Printing tabloid .. on HP' had some info. 
about amending the Postscript file pagesize by adding the command 
       <</PageSize [792 1224]>> setpagedevice

However when I tried adding this ghostscript and the XL300 both 
complained and our LaserIV just didn't do anything ?

(vi) Is this command correct ? - it doesn't look like any of the other 
commands in the Postscript 

(vii) Is the GRASS Postscript therefore missing the correct ? form of the 
command ?
Many thanks again,

Steve Culshaw
NRA North West
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