new alpha-test version of r.flow

Joshua E Caplan caplan at
Wed Jul 20 17:56:23 EDT 1994

After extensive re-engineering, r.flow is available for testing by the
GRASS community.                             

r.flow generates flowlines using a combined raster-vector
approach from an input elevation raster map elevin, and
optionally an input aspect raster map aspin and/or an input
barrier raster map barin.  There are three possible output
maps which can be produced in any combination
simultaneously:  a vector file flout of flowlines, a raster
map lgout of flowpath lengths, and a raster map dsout of
flowline densities.

Among the improvements to the program are great savings in execution time,
the ability to handle virtually any size file, internal aspect computation,
three-dimensional lengths if desired, better diagnostic output, and minor
geometric corrections.  Find this program at

A man page is included.  Install the program using the command


or the man page with

	gmake4.1 . man

or both with

	gmake4.1 . all

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                        |       Department of Computer Science
                        |       University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
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