xgrass dependency on Motif?

Ken Sibley ksibley at ncg.scs.ag.gov
Tue Jul 26 10:28:54 EDT 1994

> Pardon me if this is a FAQ.
> I have recently ported grass-4.1 to NetBSD-1.0alpha and
> ran into a couple of snags.
> 1. splitfont dumps core, and I cannot get it up...
> 2. Does xgrass really depend on Motif?  I saw *no* mention of this
>    requirement in any of the docs.
> 3. Where can I find an FAQ?
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> Randy Terbush
> INET: randy%sierra%dsndata at sparky.sterling.com
> UUCP: sierra!randy
In response to #2:
Yes, xgrass does require Motif to compile.  If you have statically
compiled binaries then you can run in X without Motif.  If you 
want graphical menu-driven grass without the Motif requirement,
try looking into tcltkgrass.  This requires you have tcl and tk
on your system, but they are available in the public domain.

Good Luck,
Ken Sibley
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ksibley at ncg.scs.ag.gov   you'd be me!"  - Miles Davis

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