Postscript from GRASS - yes again !!

N R A nra at
Tue Jul 26 16:36:00 EDT 1994

Well we got the extra 4Mb of memory for our XL300 - I can now get Corel 
to plot a full A3 image onto it without the clipping that occurred with 
only 6Mb installed.

Problem is that the output from GRASS is still being clipped  8-(

I'm now well confused over this - I've used ghostscipt to view the test 
A3 and the X11 preview window does show that the 'paper' has the various 
lines and points on it. But sending it from our workstation, through to 
the same Novell printer server that Corel plotted on, and the result is a 
clipped plot - slightly more than an A4 plot in area.

Could someone perhaps produce a simple A3 plot which I could ftp and try.

Or suggest what I'm doing wrong.

Thanks mucho in advance - because I know that you are all so eager to 
help - PLEASE

Steve Culshaw
NRA North West
e-mail : nra at (use this for general usage)
or         sculshaw at (Private - only checked at best 

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